Saturday, January 6, 2018

2017.23 Day Drinking and Crafting Day 5

The fifth and last of my 5 day drinking and crafting videos! This one features picture frames! A super loquacious Matthew! Rumchata shots! I am wearing a knitted scarf that accentuates the roundness of my face in a particularly unflattering way. At about the 1:10 mark I troll my unpaid intern about his school picture habits, and while you don’t see the look he shot me, you get to see my reaction look.  Mermaids! Tropical trees! I reference this amazing craft from 2012. Matthew says a fancy French word. I do an extreme amount of unnecessary gesturing. Seriously, you would think I was trying to scare away birds.    This is the video of me making the frames we used for the party and that I explained here.

***Plus as an added bonus you can hear me explain for the millionth time that glue dries what? Oh yes, clear…

And you get to hear what Matthew gets out of all of this.

Friday, January 5, 2018

2017.22 More! More! More! Episode 4

Day Drinking and Crafting Day 4

I think I may have gotten this editing thing figured out.  If only I had figured it out before Christmas, but whatever. Also, honestly, every time I hear myself say “in any case…” it is like nails on the chalkboard.

The craft is a simple one, but I am giving up some major holiday secrets in this one. There is plenty of Matthew talking, a Devil Wears Prada reference, a Sesame Street reference, and we all discover I’ve no clue how to sign off on these.

Talk to you later? What? What?

2017.21 Day Drinking and Crafting Episode 3

More Crafting! More Drinking! More Daylight! So I think I *may* have figured out my video editing problem. Knock wood. And if so then the rest of these videos will be uploaded shortly in this seamless format.

Here is what you can expect on this video-

Shots! Shots! Shots! (Know your limits! I might not actually know mine)

What is our craft? What are we doing? Why does the video suddenly get blurry?

#ShoutOut to Mrs. Swinney! And …don. Don. DON… The reason unpaid interns are useless.

Boom! Internet magic.  Then I talk about Love Actually, Emma Thompson, Heather Cook, Modge Podge, and cute little tricks. Plus, the story behind my favorite song, some unexplained banging, I almost tell the frozen banana Boy Scout story, and a clever Frozen reference.

I save you from actually watching glue dry with more Internet MAGIC,   Although, with the length of this video you never know.  Also is anyone else sick of hearing me say “in any case?” worst vocal tic ever.  Plus  I will remind you for the millionth time what happens when glue dries and I coin the phrase ‘closet crafter.’  Then basically I just ramble on and on, until I am finished with the craft, but maybe not the drinking.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

2017.20 Day Drinking & Crafting Day 2

As I mentioned, I am struggling with the video editing. And no, it is not because I am drinking while I edit.  Although, now that I mention it…

But so here is my second day drinking and crafting broken down in video clips that I hope show up easier on your phones.

So first of all we have this great before shot of the glass jar we used in the project.

Then the Intro where I try and be clever (and took like 3 attempts to take, hence the laughter)

Followed by the shots and the beginning of me being sick of hearing myself say “in any case”, listen for it, like a terrible verbal tic.

And Crafting commences!

Followed by more crafting, and the sneaking suspicion that I might not be doing it right…

Now we wait for paint to dry!

At last the embellishments! Go snowflake stickers! Also I say the word Fancy, just for Autumn Bond! And discuss the War on Christmas.

And TA-DAH! Winter Lantern and what to do if it is terrible.

The finished product.

***I really am making an effort to get caught up on my days, plus post all these fun videos!

edited version here

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

2017.19 Merry Merry

Sometimes the best laid plans…

What did you have planned for Christmas eve and Christmas day?  I am willing to bet it was not waiting on apartment maintenance to come out and fix the sewage that was backing up into the bathtubs in both bathrooms. We got home at 10:30pm from our usual red and green enchilada dinner with my in-laws. Both boys were exhausted and went to bed, and that is when Kat discovered the problem. 

I give big props to the maintenance  guy who showed up within half an hour.  He stayed until 2pm before throwing in the towel and asking us to call in again first thing in the morning.  So, while other families were wrapping presents for Santa, Kat and I dozed on and off on the couches.  I’d like to say we were watching Christmas movies, but to be honest I was mostly dozing so I don’t know what we were watching.

First thing this morning they maintenance was back at it, and his co-worker who was too drunk to show up and help last night was here.  They were hard at work, but it was still backed up.  They boys slept in, and slept and slept.  I did put on a hallmark Christmas movie this morning, something about cookies, so I thought it would appeal to Kat.  The acting was so bad, she had me turn it off 15 minutes in.  Then I put it on the great British bake off Christmas master class with Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry.  Somehow I managed to sleep through that one twice.

Paul had to be at work today at 2pm.  Just when we were at the point where he was going to need to get ready at his grandparents, maintenance saved the day. So yeah! For maintenance, and boo to my neighbor who flushed a diaper.   So Paul went to work and not a single present was wrapped, or unwrapped.  When Matthew finally got himself up he could not be persuaded to wrap presents for me, so we just chilled and waited for Kat to come home.  Again, I want to say we watched Christmas movies, but mostly it was Doctor Who, since we are woefully behind and Matthew wanted to get caught up in time for the Christmas special.  We discussed going to see a movie but elected to pass, not wanting to pay for a movie, and having already seen anything we could use a pass for.

When Kat went to get Paul, Matthew got the presents organized, opting once again for the ‘everything in a bag and we just take turns pulling stuff from the bag and guessing who it is for’ option.  Then we had a brief conversation about which holiday movie best set the appropriate festive mood for present opening.  After thoughtful deliberation Matthew chose Love Actually.  Then at last when Kat and Paul got home, finally we opened presents and watched the movie.  While not a “traditional” Christmas by any means, it was our Christmas. 

I hope yours was enjoyable. 

Monday, December 25, 2017

2017.18 Merry Christmas

Bit of a hiccup and here it is the 25th and I am only on day 18. I do have a plan, but not for today.

Today's blog is brought to you by Najah Hylton.  I have known Najah since she was a sassy little girl and somehow when I wasn't looking she grew up to be a sassy young woman and now this wonderful person I still think of as teenager is also a mama. She is also a teacher, and a writer and a poet. 

I’m a performer and poet and I don’t have a Christmas poem that I would perform onstage. I wrote this and I’m happy with it, even if I don’t get the chance to say it on a stage. 

I’ve been experimenting with this shorter, punchier style over the last couple of years. It relies on wordplay to create layered meaning. It’s not my fortè but I like stretching myself. 

It’s also a bit of a prayer. 

Merry and Jolly and Bright

Merry and jolly and bright:
Mary gave más 
When she gave Christ light.
She sacrificed her body and her pride 
in hope that her baby that would grow up
to make all wrongs right.
She would have been the talk of Nazareth,
if Joseph hadn’t kept his faith tight.
They probably still got a lot of shade
when he made a pregnant girl his wife.

Merry and jolly and bright:
Everyone’s hope is in high gear
at Christmastime.
Just lights and decorative sweaters
make neglected neighborhoods 
and stressful jobs seem better.
Communities agree 
to bring peace to the world. 
People who year-long ignore you, Lord,
submit to their need for your joy,
admit that they hope for more,
wish their lives could be whole and restored,
put a smile on their faces 
and pretend that snow and tinsel 
are what they were waiting for.

Merry and jolly and bright:
Your spirit flows free,
responding to humanity’s
willingness to do the right things.
Inviting each of us, every one 
to accept what you offer all year long,
to RSVP and then show up 
for love.
We’re watching out.
We don’t cry or pout
because Santa Claus is coming to town.
I think deep down, we all know 
you’ve been here the whole time -
knowing when we’ve been good or bad,
seeing us when we’re sleeping and awake,
showing us forgiveness through your son
for the kingdom’s sake.

For once I didn’t put up a tree.
I wanted to have to look deep
to find you and the season’s meaning.
I reached past the glitter and glamor,
searching for one bright star
in your subtle, first Christmas manner.
In the solitude, I figured out:
all I want is you this Christmas -
no gifts, just your presence 
no shopping, just sitting 
and searching for your essence.
Merry and jolly and bright:
I’m forgiven because of this holy day, 
restored, adopted and made righteous in your sight.

Amen. So let it be.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

2017.17 Worth their weight in spiced gumdrops

It is December the 23rd and while I have completed most of my Christmas shopping (and that is a tale unto itself). I am woefully behind on my Christmas blogging.  Matthew and I taped at least 4 day drinking and crafting videos, but you have only seen one.  Why is that? Well the free software that I used to edit the thing only lets me upload one video.  So although I have edited the second one, I can’t post in anywhere, so I am looking at what my options are.  Also, as I understand it, many people couldn’t watch it on their phones, so I may need to break it apart and blog a series of clips.  So there is that.

But here and now? I am posting the party pics I got from Katie Powell.  In years past I have asked my Paul’s “best friend from his whole life” Katie Powell to take party pictures because #1 she is really good at it, and B) she accepts payment in spiced gumdrops.  This last summer when she took Paul’s senior pictures that I haven’t done anything with, I told her about this article I read where a SUPER EXTRA person hired an artist to do tiny watercolors of her wedding reception guests instead of photographs and I suggested that at some point in Katie’s artistic career we could look forward to that.  Sometimes she looks at me like she is afraid to say what she really thinks.  This was one of those times.

This year I did not ask Katie in advance to take pictures or miniature watercolors because I know, busy college student, whole life going on, maybe too cool for the party blah blah blah.  But when she mentioned that she did have her camera in the car… How could I resist that opportunity to exploit?  In any case here are some of my favorite pictures that Katie took at the party. 

Mama Kat about to go off,,,

I wonder where Mama Kat gets it? ;-)

somethings defy explanation

see? who can explain?

Baby Scott and Whitney

Najah and Ciela! So very perfect.

Yeah for the Swinneys!

I winder what Larry said to Sandy?

Kathleen and Cathy have been friends since before God invented water.

Yeah for Donna getting Bo and Larry out of the Civic Center in time for the party!

Amy and Baby Thor!

Silly Games!

2017.23 Day Drinking and Crafting Day 5

The fifth and last of my 5 day drinking and crafting videos! This one features picture frames! A super loquacious Matthew! Rumchata shots! ...